Easy Ways to Infuse Your Home with Character and Personality

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You’re a one-of-a-kind person, and your home should represent that. When looking for a new place to call home, many people prioritize “character,” looking for unique architectural features, attention-grabbing facades, or areas steeped in Houston, Texas history. Of course, quirky finishes and historic features aren’t standard in every home. Fortunately, whether you’re just moving in or looking to refresh a room you’ve called home for years, there are plenty of ways to add character and dimension to a house quickly.

Are you looking for a place that can honestly tell your story? Here are a few simple and effective ways to quickly add character and personality to any home:

1.) Add some fun new details to your curb appeal

Before they even step inside, people form an image of your house. Take some time to redesign the exterior of every home to your liking to make it feel more like yours. Planter boxes or hanging trees, elegant outdoor seating, lawn and landscaping maintenance, and painting the front door and shutters are all simple ideas. For a dreamy, inviting effect, more in-depth projects could involve adding pavers or pathway lights.

2.) Build an eye-catching entrance

Many historic homes have grand foyers that greet guests as they enter. By taking a few easy steps to elevate your entryway, you can make just as big of a statement for a fraction of the price. Coat racks, floating shelves, and baskets provide plenty of storage; a decorative table serves as a focal point, and bench seating offers a practical and inviting touch.

3.) Replace doorknobs and cabinet hardware

Swapping out cabinet hardware, drawer pulls, and doorknobs are some of the simplest ways to personalize a room and add the character and charm you’ve been looking for. Whether you choose sleek and modern finishes or antique hardware, this is a simple and straightforward project that can fully transform your space.

4.) Replace faucets and other low-cost fixtures

Without spending a lot of money on repairs, changing out faucets and handles is a perfect way to add character and beauty to a bathroom or kitchen. Replacing your faucets and showerheads, including changing out hardware and doorknobs, is a relatively simple task that you can usually complete on your own. Just remember to read the directions, turn off the water, and stay safe while doing so.

5.) Change the lights

Lighting has a massive impact on how a room looks and feels. Consider replacing cookie-cutter lighting fixtures with more unique and eye-catching items. You may replace your entryway or dining room chandelier with a stunning new one, install practical work lights in your kitchen, or install atmospheric standing lamps in your living room or bedroom.

6.) Add a personal touch to your home décor

It’s all about you when it comes to your home décor. Bring in your favorite colors, textures, and bits to tell your tale. Are you looking for something ultra-modern or something more retro? Industrial or cozy and comfortable? Should you embrace the retro Grand millennial style or opt for a more minimalist approach? Consider adding picture-perfect furniture and your favorite collectibles to your shelves and mantel, hanging a gallery wall or a striking mirror, decorating your coffee table, hanging elegant and practical curtains, and some other flourishes that make the room feel more like home.

7.) Take into account trim, molding, and wainscoting

Walls can be a perfect canvas for bringing a space’s unique personality to life. Focus on enhancements like adding trim to windows and doors in the home; using wainscoting  in a formal area such as an office or dining room; or adding basic crown molding or baseboards to your walls to replicate several rich architectural features without breaking your budget.

8.) Provide storage that is both functional and stylish

Adding extra storage to your home is not only practical but also fashionable. Many popular storage options often add a lot of visual appeal and personality. Adding floating shelves to a hallway or living room, for example, is a perfect way to display your favorite images and décor items. Baskets mounted on the wall and storage ladders are ideal for displaying blankets and linens. In an ample space, a large credenza or bureau may serve as a focal point.

9.) Make use of some odd spaces

Your floorplan may feel unfinished or out of place if there is an uncomfortable or unused room. Using these spaces that would otherwise be vacant is a perfect way to add extra character and personality to your home. With the addition of a desk and some seating, a painful bonus area under the stairs might become a functional home office room. With bookshelves, a comfy chair, and an accent lamp, an awkward corner can be transformed into a cozy reading nook. Take this as an invitation to get innovative in every corner of your house!
Cabinets, shelves, and built-ins should all be painted.

Be strategic about your paint because a little goes a long way. Painting your kitchen cabinets, for example, in a bright and welcoming color can completely transform a frequently used room. Two-toned cabinets have a lot of personalities and are very common in 2021. Painting open shelves, bookcases, built-ins, wooden furniture, moldings, trim, and cut-outs, for example, can all add wonderful dimension and beauty to your room without the hassle of a full-fledged paint job.

When it comes to your home, you need a team that has something to offer

There’s a lot more to a house than just four walls. Buying or selling a home is a huge deal, and with all that happened in 2020, our homes are more valuable than they’ve ever been. That’s why your Houston Premium Homes agent will be there for you every step of the way, from finding the ideal home to connecting you with a local mortgage and title expert. Houston Premium Homes is here to help, whether it’s at the start of a story or the end of a chapter. Contact us for all your real estate needs!