2021 Home Paint and Color Trends

All of us are looking forward to starting a new year as 2020 comes to a close. We’ve spent more time at home than ever in recent months, and after months of living and working inside the same four walls, it’s time for a fresh start. A fresh coat of paint is a perfect way to make your whole home feel brand new, and when we look forward to 2021, there are plenty of new choices and trends to consider.

Experts expect that COVID and stay-at-home orders will significantly affect color patterns in the coming year. People want to build a relaxing haven — a place where they can feel protected and relaxed — now more than ever.

Colors Are Influenced by Emotions: What Will 2021 Bring?

According to experts, specific colors, or even groups of colors, have been found to affect our emotions. Blue shades, for example, are soothing, while yellows evoke feelings of happiness and joy.

With all of the stress and uncertainty this year, major paint companies have released color trends for 2021 that reflect our need for comfort and happiness in our homes.

In contrast to the moody hues and noisy colors that dominated the discourse in 2020, color and design experts are expecting comfort-focused patterns in the future. That comes as no surprise, given that many of us have been working and living from home — and experiencing higher levels of stress than usual in a place that should be healthy and relaxing.

Many of the colors in the newly launched palettes for next year are calm blues and greens. These colors have been shown in studies to be beneficial for rooms where you spend a lot of time because they can help foster serenity and peace.

Top Paint Brands in 2021 Will Focus on Peace and Calm: Here are several colors to keep an eye out for

For 2021, PPG Paints released the “Be Well” palette. It’s a palette of soft neutral tones and natural hues. The intended effect of this palette is to give the room a sense of relaxation and lightness. The stable consistency of neutral shades can be soothing and relieving after a year of confusion.

Behr, like PPG, launched their 2021 color trends with 21 colors in six different palettes to create an elevated feeling of comfort. With names like Calm Zone, Subtle Focus, and Optimistic View, the colors are elegant and categorized in a way that makes you feel at ease. The different palettes were created to help homeowners match paint to how they want their home to feel.

Valspar also decided to highlight 12 different shades for 2021, including muted and versatile neutrals including Dusty Lavender, Blissful Blue, and Academy Gray, as well as “fresh and familiar colors that are on-trend now and easy to love forever.”

Benjamin Moore, on the other hand, is concentrating on calming shades and colors that foster peace. Their color scheme is intended to make the home feel more like “home,” instead of the frantic workplace, school, gym, and playground that it has been in recent months. Aegean Teal, Benjamin Moore’s “Color of the Year,” is a blue-green and gray blend created to create natural harmony in the space. Surprisingly, studies conducted in 2017 revealed that teal is the most common color on the planet!

Sherwin-Williams is going for a more natural look with its new color of the year for 2021, Urbane Bronze. Nature and its organic appeal are the source of inspiration for this color trend. It’s been dubbed a “modern neutral that can be used wherever and wherever” by Sherwin-Williams.

How to Apply 2021 Paint Trends to Your Home in Houston, Texas

” Home” has most likely come to mean office, school, and family game room in the last year. It can be challenging to use the same room in so many different ways.

Fortunately, a fresh coat of paint will refresh even the most worn-out room. Even if we are staring at the same walls in the new year, the room’s color may have a positive impact on our mood.

Try painting your bedroom in a soft, soothing blue or a light, reliable neutral to integrate 2021’s trending colors into your home. Warm bronze or a darker neutral shade in your living room will make space feel cozier and safer. Consider using accent colors and textures to help set a room apart and create the unique atmosphere you want. Clean metallic finishes, for example, can make a room feel sleek and serene, while earthy brown furniture and houseplants can make it feel rustic and normal.

Bring paint samples home with you to test areas before committing to a color. Paint tiny swatches on at least two walls to see how it looks in different lighting during the day, and make sure the colors match your furniture and other décor.

Check out our tips on picking the right paint color and surprising ways to use color around the house for more inspiration and ideas.

Making the Most of Your Home Time

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