Trends In Kitchen Design For 2021 That Are Both Fun And Functional

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The kitchen has always been one of the most challenging rooms in any house to maintain. It’s where we cook, gather, and do homework or pay bills. In a nutshell, the kitchen is the beating heart of the home! It’s no wonder, then, that people are beginning to think about the kitchen in a whole new light after a year spent close to home.

In a poll conducted in 2020, 13% of respondents said that upgrading or expanding their kitchen was a post-COVID priority, and another 13% said that an updated kitchen was high on their list of “must-haves” in their next home.

But, in 2021, what are the kitchen style patterns that buyers and sellers should be looking for?

Here are a few of the significant trends that designers and home experts expect will be seen in kitchens across the country in the coming year:

Interior/Exterior Living

With more time at home, many people have realized how vital the Great Outdoors is, even in the kitchen. According to the Houzz 2021 U.S. Kitchen Trend Survey, one in every five homeowners plans to open up their kitchen to their patio, deck, or backyard shortly, as stated by Real Simple.

Consumer trends support this, with massive increases in Google searches for words like “outdoor fire pit,” “backyard bar,” and “small-space outdoor furniture” in recent months.

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Easy-Going and Breezy Minimalism Is A Term Used To Describe A Style

It’s possible that 2021 will be the year that people say their final goodbyes to cluttered kitchens. This means fewer trinkets and gadgets on counters, as well as more organized and minimalist environments. It also means that there will be fewer needless graphic flourishes all around! According to Forbes, design experts expect less reliance on ornate cabinet handles and busy design in favor of simplicity with elements such as “slab-style cabinet doors and plain pulls.” Is there a significant factor driving this trend? After a year of wiping down countertops and touchpoints regularly, these bare surfaces are a lot easier to clean and disinfect.

More Functionality and Storage

Tech experts predict a major drive for versatility in the months and years ahead, in line with simplicity and minimalism. Look for practical improvements and patterns to take precedence during renovations, as more people are cooking and cleaning in the kitchen than ever before.

Closed cabinets and wide, separate pantries would take the place of open shelving.

In 2020, nearly a third of those who upgraded their kitchens added more cabinets, and 13% added a new walk-in pantry.

Other prominent design trends aimed at functionality, such as more outlets, higher backsplashes, more expansive sink basins, easy-to-clean vinyl flooring, and even a drive for more enclosed kitchens, are expected to take hold, according to experts.

Colors and Patterns That Pop

Although our kitchens are becoming more efficient and practical, many people still use this essential space to express themselves and add some flair. In the months ahead, look for more playful use of color in the kitchen, such as blue and green cabinetry, contrasting kitchen islands, and fun-yet-functional furniture pieces like colorful non-slip rugs, rather than monochrome palettes of gray, black, and white.

Smart Fixtures and Appliances

For a long time, smart home appliances have been gaining popularity.

In a poll, half of those surveyed said they would choose to buy a home with smart home technology over a home with no smart features. Shelter-at-home directives issued in 2020 further emphasized the importance of technology at home. More than half of all adults in the United States telling Pew Research Center that the internet was “important” to them personally during the pandemic.

So, how do we expect this to play out in the kitchen? A year of dishwashing and meal preparation puts the old adage “act smarter, not harder” to the test. Insider reports that in 2021, people plan to spend more on high-quality appliances; according to Houzz, more than half of upgraded faucets and nearly a third of upgraded appliances have smart, “high-tech” features.

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