Why Staging A Home is Great For Sellers

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The real estate market is competitive, so sellers should always search for ways to obtain a competitive advantage. Selling your house for a low price is one way to “beat the competition.” Without question, a lower selling price than similar homes will entice buyers, but you’ll make less money than if you priced your home at its actual market value.

Making costly home improvements before listing your home for sale is another way to make it stand out. The value of your home can be increased by replacing the kitchen or bathrooms, but renovations can cost tens of thousands of dollars. There’s also no guarantee that the upgrades will entice home buyers.

A third and often preferable method is to “stage” your home for sale. Because of reality television, many homeowners are familiar with the idea of home staging. The art of preparing a house for sale is known as home staging. You want to change the flow of your home, get rid of clutter, and make it look bigger and lighter with home staging. A specialist home stager specializes in preparing homes for sale. And, since most buyers now start their home searches online, getting your home professionally staged can be critical in attracting a potential buyer. In comparison to a staged home, a non-staged home may appear worse in photographs. A walk-through is more likely to occur in a staged home.

Whatever steps you take, home staging has been shown to support sellers in a variety of ways. In reality, staging your listing will aid in the following:

Make a Statement with Your Home

What distinguishes your home from the other properties on the block? Staging is an excellent way to highlight what makes your listing unique and to make customers feel at ease from the moment they walk in the door. According to a 2017 survey by the National Association of REALTORS (NAR), “staging a home made it easier for a buyer to imagine the property as a potential home” for 77% of buyers’ agents.

Furthermore, according to the NAR survey, buyers were more likely to walk through a home they saw online if it was staged (40%). This is critical! With more than 90% of all home buyers conducting their search online, having your listing pop off the screen with staging and photography is crucial to attracting potential buyers. What’s the bottom line? Ensuring the room is ready for potential customers is a perfect way to entice them to come in and make an excellent first impression.

Speed Up Your Sale

According to the same 2017 NAR survey, staging a home “significantly reduces the amount of time the home is on the market,” according to 39% of sellers’ agents. When you stage your home, it appeals to more potential buyers. As opposed to a potential buyer who doesn’t feel emotionally attached to the house, a buyer who is attracted and motivated by your listing is more likely to act quickly.

A quicker selling is also good news for sellers. It means you’ll spend less time waiting — and paying carrying costs — and more time planning the next big step.

Increase The Value of Your Offers

Staging isn’t just a great way to help sell your house; it’s also a simple and successful way to ensure that your final sale is as profitable as possible. According to the NAR report, staging a home raised the dollar value offered by one to five percent compared to comparable homes on the market that were not staged.

In contrast to unstaged properties, sellers’ agents agreed, with 29 percent showing a 1 percent to 5% rise in the dollar value offered by buyers. Another 21% of sellers’ agents believe that staging a home will raise its dollar value by as much as 6% to 10%.

What Is Involved in Staging?

According to the NAR study, the living room (55%), master bedroom (51%), and kitchen are the most appropriate rooms to stage (41%). Smaller home improvement projects were suggested by many sellers’ agents, including decluttering (93%), getting the whole house cleaned (89%), and washing the carpet (81%). Also, simple “fixes” like eliminating pets during showings were suggested by 80% of respondents.

This means that there are staging solutions available that can assist sellers in seeing the advantages they want, often without breaking the bank or diverting their attention away from other essential aspects of their selling. There are various ways to make your listing feel more welcoming and appealing to potential buyers, from working with a professional staging company to simply decluttering and refreshing your current room.

If you have any more concerns? Are you looking for some advice? Your Houston Premium Homes Realtor can be a valuable asset. Houston Premium Homes Agents are hyperlocal professionals who know everything there is to know about selling a property, including staging and marketing.