Homes With A New Kitchen List For More And Often Sell For More Than The Asking Price

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The kitchen is one of the most critical rooms in a house, as it serves as both a gathering place for family and a functional area for meal preparation. It’s easy to see why a state-of-the-art kitchen is a must-have for millions of homeowners around the country. If you’re thinking about renovating your house, the kitchen is a great place to start. If you’re planning to sell soon, a kitchen remodel will increase the value of your home and appeal to potential buyers.

A kitchen remodel will increase the value of your home

Price is a vital factor for homeowners who expect to sell their homes at some stage in the future. A new kitchen will contribute significantly to a higher than average list price in any housing market, while an old kitchen that does not meet functional requirements will discourage buyers. Do you believe that renovating a kitchen isn’t a big deal for potential homebuyers? Yes, it is. It’s possible to recoup nearly the entire cost of a kitchen renovation in the purchase price, allowing you to remodel your kitchen from top to bottom without worrying about costs.

New kitchens are ranked first among the most valuable home improvement trends. The median list price of a home with a new kitchen is $14,500 higher than the national median, and these homes typically sell for more than their asking price. Consider both what makes the most sense to you and what would cater to most homebuyers in your area while planning a kitchen remodel. If you live in Atlanta, Georgia, and want to replace your countertops, quartz, the most common trend, is probably a better choice than granite. A professional in kitchen remodeling can also assist you in identifying regional patterns so you can make the right decision for your home.

Here are five other reasons to remodel your kitchen, in addition to increasing the value of your house.

1. Increased comfort and quality of life

Convenience is a primary motivator for most homeowners who want to remodel their kitchen room. Upgrade your kitchen if it can’t fulfill all of your needs, whether it’s because it’s too small or because it’s in an inconvenient place.

Determine what you expect from your kitchen and what is needed to meet those needs as you move forward with your kitchen remodel. Extending your counter or adding an island, for example, might be the perfect solution if you need more prep and cooking space. However, if you need more storage, an island or hanging cabinets can help you get the extra space you need to store your pots, pans, and dry goods. If you’re unsure where to begin, consult with local kitchen renovation experts to learn about the various options available for your current kitchen.

2. Improved presentation and design

Kitchen remodels are often functional, but they can also be attractive. Upgrading your kitchen will increase the amount of room available for food preparation and make it a place where you want to spend more time.

A kitchen upgrade will carry your home into the twenty-first century if you don’t like the look or feel of your current kitchen. There are several ways to upgrade the room in your home, ranging from counter materials to new cabinets. Granite countertops, an eat-in room, stainless steel appliances, and hardwood floors are some of the most common kitchen features we see across the country. You can undoubtedly create the kitchen of your dreams based on your personal preferences, or you can enlist the aid of a professional who can advise you on more current trends. Regardless, the right approach to a remodel will ensure a space that looks not only fantastic but also feels great.

3. Make additional space

A new kitchen will make all the difference if you’re tired of cooking and cleaning in a tight, cramped room. Renovating your kitchen will help you make the most of the room you have, making it easier to prepare meals and spend time with your family.

Remodeling options are available for even tiny homes. This can include the installation of additional cabinets or even kitchen islands. If you’re short on space, knocking down walls or extending storage – such as adding a new pantry or cabinets – into adjacent rooms will help you maximize storage options in your kitchen.

4. Better technological choices

Technology in the kitchen isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. If your 1980s refrigerator and old-school oven aren’t cutting it anymore, it’s time to update. Technology can be a focal point of a personalized kitchen remodel. If you want a more technologically advanced kitchen, you will need to upgrade.

From refrigerators with Wi-Fi capabilities to ovens with simple preheat features that will have you ready to cook in minutes, kitchen appliances come in all shapes and sizes. Upgrading your kitchen with the most up-to-date technology will make meal preparation and cooking quicker and easier. Begin by scouring home improvement stores and consulting with a kitchen renovation contractor familiar with high-tech options to help you consider the advantages and disadvantages of each new kitchen appliance. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a solution out there that’s perfect for you.

5. Eco-Friendly Improvements

If you’re concerned about climate change or saving money on energy, your kitchen remodel might be focused on incorporating eco-friendly solutions for more sustainable living.

Low-energy refrigerators and microwaves with convection options are only a few examples of great functionality appliances while still reducing waste. Those that want to make the most of eco-friendly home improvements should look beyond the kitchen. Still, Energy Star appliances will make it much easier to reduce your environmental impact – and save money.

Remodeling a kitchen isn’t always necessary, but if you’re planning to sell soon or aren’t happy with the cooking room in your current home, it’s a good idea. Working with a kitchen remodeling company ensures that you check all of the boxes, giving you access to professionals who can recognize needs and offer solutions that are both practical and trendy while staying within your budget. It’s never too late to upgrade your kitchen, whether you want more space, better technology, or to sell for more money.

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