11 Things You Should Never Do If You Ever Want To Sell Your Home

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If you want to sell your home, don’t leave it on the market any longer than required. Before you list, take a page from our book and avoid these 11 widespread blunders.

Don’t Forget The Curb Appeal

Please don’t overlook the importance of first impressions regarding a potential buyer’s decision to make an offer on your house. A well-kept exterior indicates to potential buyers that the interior has been equally cared for. Trees should be pruned, new mulch should be laid, walkways should be hosed down, and dirty surfaces should be pressure-washed if possible. Small changes like removing an old light fixture, replacing a rusted mailbox, or painting the front door can make a big difference.

Don’t Overprice Your Home

It’s normal to want top dollar for your home—after all, you know how wonderful it can be! However, overpricing your home will cause it to sit on the market. Buyers will assume something is wrong with a house on the market for several months, pushing you to lower the asking price to pique interest.

Don’t Skimp On The Photos On Your Listing

Listing images must work hard to sell your home for you in an era where buyers browse for homes on the internet. Engage the services of a skilled photographer to ensure that all of the essential rooms in the house are photographed and showcased beautifully. Detail shots are fine, but be sure to include full-room photos so that prospective buyers can get a sense of the property.

Repairs Should Not Be Overlooked

A fresh pair of eyes will see stuff in your house that you might have overlooked. It’s time to finally get around to repairing the rotted exterior siding or the water damage in the bathroom before the buyers start pouring in. If prospective buyers notice weaknesses like these during a viewing, they will assume the house will be a renovation nightmare. Fixing obvious flaws will improve the chances of receiving a bid — or even offers — on your home.

Problems Should Not Be Hidden In The Home

If you cannot fix cosmetic issues before the sale, be open and frank with prospective buyers on what needs to be fixed via your sellers disclosure. If the transaction falls apart due to a failed home inspection, not doing so would waste both your and the buyer’s time. Any pertinent details should be disclosed, and the home should be priced accordingly.

Don’t Make The Space Too Personal

Set the scene in your home so that prospective buyers can see themselves living there. And if you don’t hire stagers, you can do a lot of the work yourself, such as hiding family memories, knickknacks, and personal memorabilia. Distracting furniture, bright colors, and everything else that draws attention away from the most important thing a buyer should be looking at—the room itself—should be toned down.

Don’t Turn Down Lowball Offers

Lowball deals are easy to be insulted by. Take the feelings out of the equation and treat the bid as a business decision, which it is. Instead of rejecting these offers outright, seize the chance to negotiate or invite your buyer a last opportunity to present their final offer.

Attending Showings Isn’t Necessary

This is something you can leave to your real estate agents to deal with. The ability for buyers to visualize themselves in the room would be beneficial. Plus, without the homeowner two steps behind them, they’ll feel more at ease discussing the house, inspecting the cabinets, and poking through your closets.

Remember to Include Closing Costs in Your Budget

Before you start thinking about how you’ll invest the proceeds from your home sale, note to factor in the costs of selling your home. Before you put your house on the market, figure out your real estate agent’s commission and other applicable closing costs.

Showing a Cluttered House Isn’t a Good Idea

Potential buyers will be unable to envision the property’s full potential if the closets are stuffed to the gills and the countertops are piled high with spices, appliances, and dishes. On the other hand, excessive furniture and busy décor can make rooms seem much smaller than they are. To entice storage-conscious potential buyers, remove as much of your home’s contents as possible.

Don’t Ignore Your Agent’s Recommendations

Your real estate agents can be an invaluable resource in your search to get the best possible price for your home—after all, that is what you are paying them to do. Aside from assisting you in determining a fair listing price, they can also advise staging, maintenance, cleaning, and curb appeal that will pay off if you follow through.

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